Discharge Voltage Of Lithium Battery

- Jun 19, 2017-

The discharge termination voltage of lithium battery is an important parameter related to the service life of lithium battery. To this end, we must first clear the meaning of the concept:

1, lithium battery at this time is specifically referred to as "lithium ion battery", because the habit of daily life, people often put the lithium ion battery into a lithium battery, which is the application of professional terminology and other areas,

2, lithium battery discharge termination voltage refers to the discharge of lithium batteries are a certain voltage, it is not appropriate to continue to discharge, otherwise it will cause irreversible loss of part of the lithium battery power, a serious damage to the battery.

A single lithium battery now the nominal voltage of the general design for the 3.7V termination voltage is 2.75V, there are two cases that manufacturers will terminate the voltage limit to 3.0V, one is the electrochemical properties of lithium battery materials of this decision, is often considered more secure from the use of batteries is two angles; and specific electrical products and use electric contact environment. Of course, there are the opposite case, you can put the termination voltage design is lower, such as 2.5V and 2.4V, but no less than 2.4V.

If the discharge of the working temperature is in the range of -20~60 DEG C, termination voltage for 2.75V lithium battery can actually continue to discharge, but definitely not less than 2.5V, as I said before, in between 2.75V~2.5V loss may be part of the most severe damage caused by 2.5V will make the battery can not be used.

Lithium batteries also have an end voltage of the lithium battery group is sometimes called the "core lithium battery", "battery discharge core" termination voltage should not be less than 2.75 * n (n is the number of series battery), the notebook computer, most 6 core lithium batteries commonly used as an example, the 6 core lithium battery often used 3 series and 2 combinations, therefore, the battery discharge cut-off voltage of 2.75V * 3=8.25V, a minimum of not less than 2.5V * 3=7.5V utility.

In fact, the lithium ion battery price is relatively more expensive, therefore, whether it is a single lithium battery or lithium battery core with protection board or the protection of IC, when the battery voltage reaches the termination voltage, the battery will be issued by a certain signal electric appliance, the user remember operation method.