Lithium Battery And Lithium Ion Battery

- May 24, 2017-

Lithium battery and lithium ion battery is the popularity of fast battery varieties, in literature and in real life, people found that lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries in use or similar, sometimes interchangeable, the reason is that the lithium battery and lithium ion battery is different and have a concept of inheritance and development relations. No wonder people will confuse the two.

The lithium battery is made with lithium metal anode active material of lithium ion batteries and batteries in general, refers to the two different capable of reversible intercalation and deintercalation of lithium ion intercalation compounds were used as the two battery system battery positive electrode and the negative electrode, the same lithium battery and lithium ion battery cathode at and two kinds of electrolyte, the battery adopts metal oxides and sulfides as the cathode, and with organic solvent and inorganic salt as electrolyte system.

Between the lithium battery and lithium ion battery is a process of development, the lithium battery is a kind of material by lithium or lithium alloy as anode material, after chemical reaction for the redox reaction, Sony Corp invented the carbon for the anode, lithium containing compounds as cathode of lithium battery, the charging and discharging process no, there is only lithium metal, lithium ion, lithium ion battery that is.

The working mechanism of the strict sense of the lithium battery and lithium ion battery is not the same, the lithium battery is a battery, also known as primary lithium battery, can also be continuous discharge, intermittent discharge, a part of a lithium battery can be used as battery storage facilities, in the water, wind, sun power station etc. the. Lithium ion battery is the two battery, can be used repeatedly. Now, a lot of people used to put the lithium ion battery is also called lithium battery, which is a convenient name.

From the use point of view, the strict sense of lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries are also different. The cathode of lithium battery is made of lithium metal, and the positive electrode is made of MnO2, SOCl2 and so on. In 1970s, it has been used in some military and civilian small electrical appliances. Lithium ion battery has a wide range of applications, such as mobile phones, cameras, cameras, laptops, etc., the application of large capacity lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles has also entered the process of industrialization. From the development trend of lithium battery and lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery application field is expanding, and the application of lithium battery.

Lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries may be useful in confusion, but there is a fundamental difference is: lithium ion battery not only reaction of lithium metal, lithium ion in between the positive pole and the movement, therefore, also known as the "rocking chair battery", life can respect people for lithium batteries and lithium ion battery habit of name, but this does not prevent people from the theoretical understanding of the two