New Lithium Battery Charging

- Jun 01, 2017-

Lithium batteries are widely used in various fields: consumer electronics, electric tools and electric vehicle, the working principle of all these lithium batteries are the same, people are most concerned about the problem of lithium battery and lithium battery, and this scientific use, especially in relation to the scientific charge and discharge, is often a topic of people mention is how the new lithium battery charging.

Most of this problem is for portable electronic products in terms of lithium batteries, to explain how the new lithium battery charging, the premise is to clear the new lithium battery charging characteristics:

1, the new lithium battery activation: lithium battery core in the factory has been activated by electric core manufacturers (activation charge and discharge equipment used for the user to get a new battery), did not need three times before the 12 hour charge activation, only need to follow the normal method of charging can be;

2, the new lithium battery charging method: lithium battery protection board has, and the protection plate composed of IC and MOSFET power protection, self protection function, the charging equipment (charger) is highly targeted, whether it is charging or charger are also used in the protection circuit for play, that is to say the lithium battery, the charging process and design work is the implementation of the program operation, users can use the matching charger for battery charging.

3, the new lithium battery charging time: the new lithium battery charging time generally depends on two factors: first, the amount of lithium battery charge (ie, the remaining capacity), and the charging current is two.

From the charging point of view, the scientific test method is based on 0.2C (5 hours) charge, without considering other factors, charging from 2.75V to 4.2V takes up to 5 hours. But in practical, the battery charger manufacturers in the design can be more rapid, is usually 2-4 hours; large capacity lithium battery is certainly not the same, for example, power lithium battery may really be more than and 10 hours to full.

Lithium battery with how much power is related to the depth of discharge, such as 80% of the depth of discharge means: before charging the lithium battery with a remaining capacity of 20%. The new lithium battery with a certain power, there will be 50~60% from the lithium battery manufacturers out of power, because the lithium battery self discharge is very small, so the power loss of this 50~60% slowly, under normal circumstances, if the battery within 3 months can be used directly without charge, use the more than half a year (from the battery factory date) of the new lithium battery charging and using the best first, because of the need to prevent over discharge. 3~6 months is the first charge or the use of lithium battery performance has no significant impact.

From the theoretical point of view, the charging time is the capacity and current ratio, obviously, in the case of the charging current of the charge, the new lithium battery when charging, the charging time is naturally much less, it is easy to understand, because of the need to supplement the small power. Due to the consumption of some current to the internal impedance of battery are considered, so the actual charging time will be greater than the above mentioned theory according to the battery charging time, the amount of charge is different, there will be a range of 1.1~1.6 coefficient on the basis of the. In reality, the charging time is set up by the protection of the overcharge voltage IC to achieve, that is, once the charge to the vicinity of 4.2V, lithium battery will automatically stop charging, then, there will be a light indicator.