What Is A Polymer Battery

- Jun 06, 2017-

Polymer battery is a kind of polymer lithium ion battery. To understand what is a polymer battery, in addition to the definition of polymer batteries, but also from its classification, characteristics and target market to find the answer.

Definition: the so-called polymer battery is said to be in the cathode, anode and electrolyte of the three main cell structure at least one of the use of polymer materials as the main battery system;

Two, what is the classification of polymer batteries? Polymer batteries can have a variety of classification methods, such as shape, packaging, capacity, material composition, etc., but the most fundamental classification is from the material, which helps us understand the nature of polymer batteries.

At present, there are three kinds of practical polymer battery: from the aspect of electrolyte, there are solid polymer electrolyte battery and gel polymer electrolyte battery. It is not yet possible to identify what a polymer battery is designed by means of a cathode material.

Three, what is the characteristics of polymer batteries? This is divided into three questions: what are the basic characteristics of polymer batteries, what is the structural characteristics of polymer batteries, and what are the advantages of polymer batteries.

1, what is the basic characteristics of polymer batteries? Polymer battery is a polymer lithium battery, theoretically, the minimum thickness of the polymer battery can reach to 0.5mm, in addition, it is the same as the liquid lithium battery is in the nominal voltage is 3.7V lithium battery, no memory effect.

2, what is the structural characteristics of polymer batteries: This is reflected in the three structural design.

(1) using solid electrolyte or gel electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, and conducting polymer on the positive electrode is a more advanced polymer battery;

(2) the anode material was replaced by the anode material of lithium ion;

(3) the shell material is unique. What are the characteristics of polymer battery shell? Aluminum composite membrane is used to replace the steel shell and aluminum shell, aluminum film design can improve the specific capacity of the battery.

3, what is the advantages of polymer batteries, which is a problem: compared with liquid lithium battery, it has high energy density, high security, ultra-thin, miniaturization, lightweight characteristics.

Four, the battery application market is so big, what is the polymer battery market? In accordance with the current market penetration rate, polymer batteries account for only 10% of the lithium battery market, which is because it does not have the advantage in price competition, but in theory, polymer batteries have a lot of room for price cuts. At present, it is mainly used in mobile appliances, such as mobile phones, mobile power supply, which is its target market.